How Online Ordering Integration Can Boost Your Restaurant Business.

This year has seen an explosion in the number of restaurants that are now offering online ordering. If you haven’t, you should too! And here’s why:

– Increased convenience for your customers

-Improved efficiency for the restaurant staff

– Easier bookings, more tables, better reviews

Why should restaurants offer online ordering?

Restaurants with Online Ordering

When customers want to eat, they don’t want to wait. And yet, many restaurants have a wait time of about 45 minutes. This is because the restaurant staff has limited resources and needs to focus on food preparation. In restaurants where online ordering is an option, customers have the ability to order their meal from home or work before they arrive at the restaurant. When they arrive, they can simply pick up their own meal and go. With online ordering, a customer could save a good 30 minutes in wait time by ordering ahead. Additionally, when a customer orders ahead through the restaurant’s website or mobile app, it also means that the kitchen staff can prepare that order in advance and serve it faster once it’s ordered. The customer will no longer need to wait for their food while others are being served around them.

How to offer online ordering?

The first step to enabling online ordering is by creating an account with an e-commerce website. After you’ve registered, you’ll need to create a menu of the dishes on offer at your restaurant. This will be used by customers on their screen when they order via their laptop or mobile phone. With Clover Station Duo, online menus and ordering can be integrated to the website and print orders directly to the kitchen or front of house for fulfillment. Having one point of access allows for easy management and order flow for a better customer and staff experience.

Online order integration can bring many benefits for your business

If you’re a restaurant owner, accepting online orders can help your business in many ways. Online orders make it easier for customers to place an order from anywhere. It cuts down on the time it takes to get food ready and waiting for them at the pickup counter, and it also lets customers avoid long lines and waits. For restaurants, this means increased convenience for their customers and improved efficiency for the restaurant staff.

Online ordering integration can also bring many benefits to your business that extend past just convenience. According to recent studies, those who use online ordering systems report having a better experience than those who don’t. And as a result of this better experience, those who order online are more likely to leave reviews about your business on social media or do so via online review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews.

Aside from convenience and customer experience benefits, there’s also an increased likelihood of bookings with online ordering systems. A study conducted by Grubhub found that users of their service were 15% more likely to book a table then those who did not order via the system – which may be due to the fact that some sites offer promotional discounts on future purchases when you make an initial purchase through them.


If you’ve been considering adding an online ordering system to your restaurant, now is the time. With more customers than ever before looking to order online, it’s not just about convenience. Your business can benefit from an online ordering system in many ways, including improved customer service, reduced costs, and increased revenue.

The first step is deciding whether or not offering online ordering is right for you. We go over all the benefits of online ordering and show you how easy it can be to turn your restaurant into a technology-savvy business. Click Here and get started today!

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